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Full-time Professor

Professor Course
IWASHITA Naoyuki Central Bank Operations and Financial Markets, Monetary Policy, Case Study: Issues of Monetary Analysis for Economic Policy, Case Study: Analysis of Japanese Economy Based on Published Statistics
IWAMOTO Takekazu International Economics
UNI Hiroyuki Political Economy, Research Seminar
SHIMADA Yukinori Public Policy Data Analysis in English Language, Research Seminar
SUZUKI Motoshi Quantitative Analysis of Public Policy (Standard), International Political Economy
SOGA Kengo Administrative System, Comparative Public Administration
NAKANISHI Hiroshi Introduction to Security Studies, Research Seminar
NAKANO Takeshi Statutory Analysis of Administrative Law
NISHIMURA Masatake How to Make a Good Policy, Case Study: Budget and Policy Analysis, Case Study: Analysis on Actual Circumstances of Central Ministries and Agencies, Case Study: Rules in Securities Markets and Public Policy
MAEDA Masahiro Corporations and Other Business Associations
ITO Tetsuo Environmental Policy, Policy Analysis in Energy Resource Planning, Case Study: Inter-Relationship between Ministries, Agencies and Other Public Sectors, Case Study: Drafting Legislation with a focus on Environment
KONISHI Atsushi Legal Systems Concerning Local Government, Evaluation in Central Government and Local government, Case Study: Analyses on Local Administration, Case Study: Administrative Process & Human Resource Management of Local Government

Other Law Department

Professor Course
AKIZUKI Kengo Contemporary Issues 1, Contemporary Issues 2
ASADA Masahiko International Law, International Security Law
INAMORI Kimiyoshi Social Security Law Policy
ECHI Yasuyuki Basic Patent Law
KARATO Teruhiro European Politics
KAWAHAMA Noboru Basic Competition Law
SHINKAWA Toshimitsu An Introduction to the Policy-Making Process
TATEBAYASHI Masahiko Public Policy A, Elections and Political Parties
NARAOKA Sochi Japanese Politics and Foreign Policy
NISHITANI Yuko Legal Problems relating to International Business Transactions and Corporate Activities
HAMAMOTO Shotaro Global Administration, International Economic Law, EU Law
MACHIDORI Satoshi Contemporary American Politics
MORIKAWA Terukazu Public Philosophy, Reading of Classics of Political Philosophy
YOSHIMASA Tomohiro Private Law System
HIJINO Ken Professional Writing, English Presentation

Other Economics Department

Professor Course
IDA Takanori Lectures on Competition Policy
OKADA Tomohiro Public Policy B, Economic Policy
KOJIMA Hirotaka Microeconomics
KUSANO Masaki Accounting
SHIOJI Hiromi Business Strategy, Industry Policy
TSURUGA Takayuki Macroeconomics
HISAMOTO Norio Public Policy B, Policy of Labour and Welfare
MATSUI Hiroyuki Basic Statistics, Public Administration and Informatization
MOROTOMI Toru Public Finance and Fiscal Systems, Taxation, Environmental Policy
HATTORI Kenji Educational Policy
ASANO Kota Basic Statistics for Policy Analysis
ODA Shigeaki Organizational Research Method
ITO Koji International Activities of Firms
KOJIMA Daizo Japanese Fiscal Policy, Fiscal Analysis of Modern Agricultural Policy
TOJO Junji Environmental Policy
HIROTA Shigeru Theory of National Accounts
YODO Masato Economic Analysis of the Policy for Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Research Professors from other Universities and Institutes

Professor Course
OSUGI Takehiro Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Policy
ONO Yoshio Study of the Leadership
KATSUMARU Mitsuhiro Criminal Justice and Public Safety Policy in Japan
KAMADA Yukio Industrial Relation and Law
KAYANO Chieko Legislative Policy
KAWAI Kiyoshi Criminal Justice and Public Safety Policy in Japan
KAWABATA Koji Quantitative Analysis of Public Policy (Advanced)
NOMMENSEN, Carl International Views on Politics and Economy
KUWAHARA Takeshi Small Business Policy
KOKURA Muneharu City and Regional Planning
SAEKI Hidetaka Trade Policy and Industrial Policy, Case Study: Trade Policy
SHIKATA Noriyuki International Politics and Japan's Diplomacy
SHINOHARA Noriaki Frame of Government
SEKI Izumi Emergency Relief and Humanitarian Assistance in the International Community and Japan's Contribution
SEKI Tomohiro Small Business Policy
SORIMACHI Masashi Regional Vitalization Studies
TATEMI Junya Small Business Policy
TANAKA Mikihiro Small Business Policy
CHOTOKU Hideaki Emergency Relief and Humanitarian Assistance in the International Community and Japan's Contribution
NAGAMATSU Shingo Organizational Emergency Management
NIIKAWA Tatsuro Citizen Participation Theory
NIKI Tsuneo Negotiation
NISHIMURA Yukimitsu The Local System of Welfare and Service Provision-Legal Flamework・Organization・Personnel
NOIKE Masato Case Study: Theories and Practice of NPO
HASEGAWA Motohiro Emergency Relief and Humanitarian Assistance in the International Community and Japan's Contribution
HIGASHI Kenjirou Local Government Practices
FUKUDA Kazuhiro Case Study: International Cultural Exchange
MATSUMURA Tsutomu Regional Vitalization Studies
MIYAMOTO Kohei Public Sector Accounting
MORITA Syunsaku Regional Vitalization Studies
YOSHIDA Tadahiko Public Management, Case Study: Theories and Practice of NPO
Kyoto University Graduate School of Law, Faculty of Law Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics Graduate School of Management (Japanese) Class reunion Liberal arts common purser department