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Political Science Professors

Professor Course
Tsuneo Niki Negotiation
Takafumi Nakamori Theory of Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration
Hiroshi Shinada Election and Voting Behavior
Tomoka Satomi Policy on Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Arturo J. Escandon Contemporary Issues 1
Shigeru Takami Educational Policy
Yukinori Shimada European Politics
Esta Tina Ottman Contemporary Issues 2, Professional Writing, English Presentation
Kimiyoshi Inamori Social Security Law Policy
Masaru Mabuchi Method of Policy Analysis, Administrative System
Satoshi Machidori Contemporary American Politics
Hiroshi Nakanishi Introduction to Security Studies
Akihiro Karato Public Policy Data Analysis in English Language
Yukio Ito Japanese Politics and Foreign Policy
Toshimitsu Shinkawa An Introduction to the Policy-Making Process
Toshihiro Matoba Contemporary Political Parties
Motoshi Suzuki Global Governance, International Political Economy
Noriyuki Ono Public Philosophy, Reading of Classics of Political Philosophy
Kengo Akizuki Public Policy, Local Government Practices, Interdepartmental Politics

Law Professors

Professor Course
Tomohito Usukine International Enviromental Law
Kaoru Inaba Administrative Organization Law
Humiko Masuda Legal Problems relating to International Business Transactions and Corporate Activities
Masahiro Sogabe Government and Information Law
Kazuhiro Matsuda Public Patent Policy
Syotaro Hamamoto International Human Rights Law and International Economic Law
Yoshio Shiomi Private Law System
Ryuichi Ida Global Governance, International Administration
Masahiko Asada International Security Law, International Law
Masashi Kitamura Corporations and Other Business Associations
Makoto Oishi Public Policy, Japanese Legislative system

Economics Professors

Professor Course
Masao Tao Public Management
Hiroshi Ueda Small Business Policy
Masayuki Sato Environmental Policy Evaluation
Tetsuo Tezuka International Issues on Energy Supply and Demand
Norio Maki Organizational Emergency Management
Haruo Hayashi Organizational Emergency Management
Kota Asano Basic Statistics for Policy Analysis
Naomitsu Yashiro The Latest Issues of Japan's Economic Policy
Hiroyuki Kaneko Empirical Analyses on Macro Economy
Junji Ueda Japanese Fiscal Policy, Analysis of Fiscal Policy
Masafumi Yokota Policy on Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Case Study: Urban Regeneration
Seiji Ikkatai Environmental Policy, Case Study: Practice of International Enviromental related
Dimiter Ialnazov Economics Integration in the EU
Kazuhiro Yuki Macroeconomics
Toru Morotomi Taxation, Public Finance and Fiscal Systems
Hiroyuki Matsui Basic Statistics, Public Administration and Informatization
Syuji Hisano Agricultural Policy
Naoki Wakabayashi Organizational Research Method
Kazuo Yoshida Public Economics
Norio Hisamoto Policy of Labor and Welfare
Yoshihiro Tokuga Financial Accounting
Hirotaka Kojima Microeconomics
Kazuhiro Ueda Public Finance and Fiscal Systems
Takanori Yorita Lectures on Competition Policy
Tatsya Kikutani Public Policy, Economics of Organization, Institution and Organization Analysis
Kunio Okina Economic Statistics, Central Banking: Theory and Practice, Case Study: Monetary Policy
Sachio Imakubo Public Policy, Economic Policy, Economic Integration Policy

Practitioner Professors

Professor Course
Masamine Fukao Case Study: Theories and Practice of NPO
Yoshiyuki Nishizawa Case Study: International Cultural Exchange
Yuduru Tsuboi Media Politics
Muneharu Kokura City and Regional Planning
Takashi Koizumi Overseas Disaster Assistance of Japan and Emergency Disaster Relief in the International Community
Takehiro Osugi Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Policy
Yasuaki Iwamoto Legislative Policy
Hidetaka Saeki Interdepartmental Politics, Trade Policy and Industrial Policy, Case Study: Trade Policy, Case Study: Inter-Relationship between Ministries, Agencies and other Public Sectors
Toshiharu Kusu How to Make a Good Policy, Case Study: Budget and Policy Analysis, Case Study: Economic Policy, Case Study: Policy Making
Kyoto University Graduate School of Law, Faculty of Law Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics Graduate School of Management (Japanese) Class reunion Liberal arts common purser department