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Admissions Statistics for the Academic Year of 2013

For the general admissions, we announced the students accepted to our programme for the academic year of 2011on October 22, 2010. For the admission for professionals, we announced the accepted students on February 21, 2011.

  General Admissions Admission for Professionals Total Admission for International Students
Number of Applicants 155 11 166 9
Number of Applicants Qualifying for Interviews 68 10 78 7
Number of Applicants Accepted 36 7 43 5
Highest Score on the Written Exam Among the Accepted Applicants 271.5 142.0   284.0
Lowest Score 243.0 120.0   233.0
Average Score of the Accepted Applicants 252.9 127.0   249.0
Kyoto University Graduate School of Law, Faculty of Law Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics Graduate School of Management (Japanese) Class reunion Liberal arts common purser department