Admission Procedure


Admissions Policy

1.The educational goal of the School of Government, Kyoto University (hereinafter referred to as “this School”) is to train up highly-specialized professionals in the field of public policy, that is to say, well-educated and able people with the expertise necessary for the planning, accomplishment, and evaluation of public policies and with a high moral sense of responsibility, to engage in the affairs of national and local administrative and legislative bodies in Japan, international organizations, NPOs / NGOs, and think-tanks, as well as in public services of private companies.

2.This School selects applicants who have the necessary academic skills and high communication skills in any academic field related to public policy. At the same time, this School accepts a diverse range of applicants, including university graduates from Japan and abroad aiming to be highly-specialized professionals in the field of public policy and experienced professionals who have already been widely involved in public policy duties and desire to acquire a higher level of professional abilities. For this purpose, we will conduct admissions for professionals and international students, as well as for general university graduates.

3.In each of these admissions, we use a comprehensive method, a combination of a written examination to test applicants’ professional knowledge and an oral examination based on the documents submitted by them. In the written examination, we focus on the specialized knowledge that will be the basis of study at the graduate school. In the oral examination, we will evaluate the applicant to have a broad and deep interest in various problems in society, the flexibility of thought, a sense of social mission, and other qualities appropriate for becoming a high-level professional in the field of public policy.