Voluntary Learning by Students

Extra-curricular activities

At our school, a variety of voluntary learning sessions are held by students.

One example of such sessions is a policy-oriented seminar established by the members of the inaugural class in 2007. It was organized to provide a place to improve the abilities to voluntarily think, embody and present policy plans. Presently, it is held once a week and opinions are exchanged in a free and open-minded manner. It is attended by a lot of students interested in the academic field of “public policy,” and a study camp is also held once a year.

In addition, an English discussion seminar is operated by students. English Proficiency and the ability to express opinions and views in English are likely to be essential for those who will lead the Japan’s public policies in the future to make their presence felt by the international society. To meet such demand, the opportunities for students to have debates are provided.

Many other voluntary activities are performed. We welcome your positive participation in voluntary activities and organization of new learning sessions.

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