Message from the Dean

SOGA, KengoDean, School of Government, Kyoto UniversityPublic policy serves as a potent instrument for societal transformation, but its implementation can shape our world in diverse ways, presenting both opportunities and risks. Neglecting to formulate and execute effective policies can exacerbate social issues, casting shadows over people’s lives and well-being. Our graduate school’s primary objective is to nurture adept professionals in public policy. Central to achieving this goal is the concept of “linkedness.” Acknowledging the intricate nature of social challenges, we advocate for a multifaceted approach. Identifying underlying causes and fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders are vital steps toward crafting viable solutions. Flexibility and perseverance are essential attributes in navigating through complexities. We equip our students with three essential pillars of competency. Firstly, they develop a comprehensive understanding of various disciplines relevant to public policy, enabling them to analyze issues from multiple perspectives. Secondly, they acquire practical skills such as problem-solving, data analysis, and communication through hands-on experiences and case studies. Lastly, our diverse community, comprising faculty with academic and practical backgrounds and students from various disciplines and backgrounds, fosters a rich learning environment enriched by diverse viewpoints and experiences. Through the integration of knowledge, application of skills, and active engagement with the community, our students and graduates play pivotal roles in driving societal progress. As the Dean, I am steadfast in my commitment to preserving and elevating the excellence of our institution in cultivating such professionals.