Message from the Dean

MACHIDORI, SatoshiDean, School of Government, Kyoto UniversityThe School of Government at Kyoto University has offered a master’s program in public policy since its founding in April 2006. Focusing on developing highly qualified professionals, it has produced more than 600 graduates who have assumed leadership roles in national and local government, public institutions, think tanks, media, and other private corporations. While the School accepts only 40 students for enrollment every academic year, it offers a large variety of classes taught by 12 full-time faculty as well as professors from the Graduate School of Law, the Graduate School of Economics, those with working experience in government agencies and other institutions. Students also actively participate in a wide range of high-quality extra-curricular activities such as designing policy proposals and editing magazines in a free and open atmosphere. The School prides itself on its diversity, including the large number of students with professional experience and from overseas. We are continuing efforts to further increase student diversity. Today, the challenges facing the world have never been more complex and serious. Not only must we find solutions to immediate crises such as wars and pandemics, but we must engage hands on with numerous longstanding issues such as global environment degradation, widening socioeconomic disparities, and aging societies for which we risk running out of time to resolve. None of these problems can be solved with simple or clear-cut measures. What the School provides are precisely the kinds of skills and knowledge necessary to deal with such critical challenges. Our graduates are expected to identify social issues based on high ethical standards and expertise, consider measures from a broad and comprehensive perspective, and procure consensus from many interested parties based on their deep understanding, diverse communication skills, and leadership. We hope to produce graduates who, undaunted by the current complex and serious situation, will be able to create policies appropriate for this new era and lead in shaping the future. As dean, I would like to welcome all those who have both a strong will and aspiration to contribute to the public good as professionals to join us at the School of Government at Kyoto University.